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Smart lockers
seamless integration

Discover the latest addition to our product line: Smart lockers with a pin code. Seamlessly integrated into the Tactile ecosystem through a trusted partnership with Locker Company.

Smart locker
The perfect addition to your event

When organizing events, seamless collaboration with various parties is essential. At Tactile, we strive to facilitate this process by integrating our products. This includes lockers, ticketing, event apps, and cashless payments. Visitors can easily reserve a locker when purchasing their ticket.

If the organization chooses to use our event app, locker information will be displayed alongside the visitor's ticket, always accessible and easy to share with others if they wish to share a locker. If an organization chooses not to use our event app, that is also possible. In that case, the visitor will receive an email with the correct locker codes.

If the weather changes and the visitor decides to purchase a locker at the event, this can be done quickly and easily via the wristband, which already has credit from the visitor upon entry. Tap, select, and pay – it's that simple. The data is already linked, and the visitor will receive an email with the correct login details in no time.

Moreover, it's convenient to monitor your sales of various products both before and during the event, including smart lockers. We offer the integration of Smart Lockers to the organization free of charge.


Tactile x Locker Company

Stronger together through unique specialties.

At Tactile, we believe that combining everyone's expertise enhances the service for both the organization and the visitor, including our new service of smart lockers. That's why we've partnered with a renowned name in the event sector specializing in lockers, called Locker Company.

For you as the organization, there won't be many changes in communication and setup. Locker Company will handle lockers, logistics, and on-site support in areas where they excel. Tactile will manage online sales and on-site integration. All of this is aimed at making the process as fast and smooth as possible.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to request a no-obligation demo to see how our smart lockers product works.

No extra costs

For your organization, this service does not incur any additional costs. The visitor pays a small service fee instead of transaction fees.

Increase revenue

Increase your revenue by combining ticket sales with this service. Easily inform visitors upon entry to your event if they haven't reserved lockers yet.

Tap, select, pay

We provide the ultimate experience by integrating our products, allowing users to access their codes directly in the app and easily share them.


Analyze sales data to make informed decisions before, during, and after the event, now including smart lockers.


Request a free demo and discover our product!"

" Often, people share lockers to split the costs. Fortunately, this was also anticipated, and you could easily share your code via WhatsApp through the app "

Aniek Wiggers

Exploitation Board Member at Augustinus

Experience it yourself?

Book a free, no-obligation digital demo or visit us at our office to experience it yourself. Let's build together the future of the ultimate event experience.

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