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Simple, Swift, Cashless!
Unlock the future of event payments with Tactile

Discover our full range of products and unleash a seamless event experience for visitor and organisation. Make your festival-, foodtruck-, business- and student-event unforgettable with Tactile.

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3.6 million event visitors can't be wrong

Make use of our service today!

Our products

The one stop shop for all digital and human interactions at your event.


Tactile offers a mobile and static high-volume cashless payment solution. The experience is quick and easy.


A custom branded event app is an easy way to keep your visitors engaged before, during and after the event.


Our event registration system allows for a fast and flexible access control for different areas with a simple scan of a wristband or card.​


Using Tactile ticketing or an external provider in combination with registration for a great start of your event.


Communicate with your visitors and connect all services to learn more about your events and visitors through our dashboard.

Een foto van het cashless betaalsysteem & mensen op een evenement

“ The team of Tactile is enthusiastic, helpful, and highly engaged in brainstorming and optimizing the visitor experience “

Chris van der Vlugt

Festival Fusie


Discover the latest addition to our product line. Electronic & keylockers, integrated seamlessly into the Tactile ecosystem through a trusted partnership with Locker Company.

Het gemak van lockers met Tactile

Our superpowers

Let me tell you about Tactile!

Totally reliable

Our payment solution is robust with independent internet connection, able to handle power outages and operate offline.

Fast & Easy

Technology should make life easier and our system is designed to do just that, both for visitors as for event organisers.


You can only act if you know. So we provide you with live insights through our custom made dashboard.


Make onboarding in our ecosystem fun and easy with our experience and dedicated support team that leads you every step of the way.

A seamless event experience

Our products seamlessly integrate, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment for your event attendees.

Buy your ticket

Top-up your account

Recieve notifications



Cashless payment


Automatic refund after

People dancing and enjoying a festival

See it to believe it!

Experience our product both in our Demo Room or virtually. Feel free to contact our Tactile support team with any questions you may have.


Can you pay in cash/card? Our system operates as a closed system, and we do not use bank cards. Instead, you can load credit onto your account before or during the event. It is also possible to add funds to your account using a debit card at our unmanned charging points. Some events may also have a manned top-up point where cash can optionally be used to add money to your account.

How does Tactile work in combination with recyclable eco-cups? Visitors can easily exchange their cups at the bar. After scanning their wristband/card, the money is immediately refunded to the visitor's credit.

Does the Tactile system work without internet? Our terminals can function without internet, making them resistant to power outages and internet disruptions. Orders are stored locally and synchronized when an internet connection is restored.

Is there Tactile staff present at the event? The Tactile system is easy to use, but we are always ready to help. For technical support, you can contact us by phone 24/7. If necessary, we also provide on-site support.

How do I receive the revenue generated during the event? All revenue is stored in an external account with our payment service provider, They will handle the payout, ensuring you receive your money.

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