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Cashless payment system for foodtruck events

Taste the speed, an abundance of flavors with cashless payments for food trucks.

Create an amazing event for you as an organizer, your vendors, and the attendees with Tactile. Tactile is designed so that each vendor has individual access to the dashboard to view their revenue, cash out, and add products and prices.


We offer an anonymous cashless card, making it easy for even newcomers without experience in cashless payments to participate. Scan the QR code, top up, avoid long lines, and immediately enjoy delicious dishes.


"The remaining balance after the event was automatically refunded. This was received with much praise by the attendees.

Edwin Sibbel

Organization Wereldse Smaken

Discover more about how Edwin, as the organizer of the three-day multicultural food truck event, utilizes Tactile to organize a fantastic event.

No more waiting

Designed with the aim of reducing waiting times for your visitors. They no longer need in line for tokens, as they can top up anywhere, and experience super-fast payments at the bar.

Real-time insights

Maintain constant real-time insight into your financial situation and take immediate action if necessary. Additionally, all suppliers have access to their own dashboard, where they have complete control over payouts, products, and prices.

Eco-cup integration

The Tactile system is designed to seamlessly collaborate with eco-friendly cups, ensuring the process of intake and dispensing at the bar runs as smoothly as possible.


The visitor experience is paramount, whether it concerns young people or seniors. The system is designed to be easy and clear for everyone.

Our products, your foodtruck event




✓  Always online

✓  Automatic refund

✓  Top-up anywhere


Event insights

  SMS, Notificatie, Mail

  Real-time insights

  Many email templates


Request a free demo and discover our product!"

How does Cashless payment work?

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Payment system for foodtruck events

A cashless payment system for food truck events significantly streamlines transaction processes, enhancing both visitor and organizer experiences by offering a seamless and efficient operation. This system enables rapid payments, reduces the need for physical cash, thereby improving safety and convenience at events.


It relies on robust technology that ensures uninterrupted service even during technical difficulties, smoothing food and beverage sales. For organizers, the ability to monitor sales data in real-time aids in better inventory management and fraud prevention, ultimately enhancing visitor satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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