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Event App for events and festivals. All your event needs, in your pocket

A custom branded event app is an easy way to keep your visitors engaged before, during and after the event. Easily top-up your account, access your ticket, recieve important notifications about the event and and connect with people with our event app for events and festivals.

Tactile white label event app

Our event app can be flexibly configured, allowing your organization to determine which features you want to offer and easily upload and modify your content.

The Tactile App can easily be customized with the personalized branding of your event for a consistent visitor experience. Below, you can see a practical example from one of our clients, Intree.

" It's great to see people using the app a lot, for quick access, adding money to their wristbands at the bar, and planning for the upcoming weeks "

Aniek Wiggers

Organisation Lustrum Augustinus

Discover more about how Aniek, as a board member of the 15-day anniversary celebration of Augustinus, utilizes the Tactile event app to organize a fantastic event.

Event App modules


Generate additional revenue for your event with our advertisement modules in your event app.


Add funds to your account ahead of time and breeze through the event

(Sub) Events

Say goodbye to event planning stress, create and manage multiple events with easy through our dashboard


Connect with fellow event-goers using our WhatsApp feature


Quickly get an overview of which activities start and artist perform


never miss a beat with our event app news module.


Who said events can't be competitive? Use our score feature to show your friends who's boss!


Create some buzz at your event with our voting module. Let your attendees vote for their favourite performers


No more searching, your ticket is just a few taps away with our ticket module.


Get more out of your event with our integrated and reliable e-lockers by Locker Company


Quickly create groups for different visitors through the use our dashboard


Easy way to notify your visitors before, during, and after the event.


Arrive at events with ease using our location module and Google Maps


Show an event calendar tailored to the your needs and put extra focus on what is happening now.


Spice up your event from zero to 'crazy 88' with our goals module


Request a free demo and discover our product!"

Three pictures taken at Tactile events, the main one showing a happy user

The modular app that takes your event from good to great!

100% own design

Own app in the App Store

Includes support

Advertisement module

Automatic notifications

Visitors can view balance & easily top up

Ticketing integration

Ready to make your own event application?

Check out our pricing or contact us with any questions you have.


Are there communication options in the event app? Your visitors can connect with each other through chat in the app. Our system has integrated WhatsApp for easy communication. Additionally, visitors can be reached at any time via the app through push notifications. It is also possible to email your visitors or a specific group through the Tactile CRM. Learn more at [link to CRM].

Can I customize parts of the event app once it's already published? While you receive support sessions and training to set up the entire app, you can always make adjustments in the app using our Tactile Dashboard.

Is it possible to track how many people are using the app? The dashboard provides detailed statistics on the number of participants and other data. Analytics are only available on Android.

Is there a limit to the number of app users? Generally, there is no limit to the number of app users. However, we offer different packages with a fixed number of users for cost-effective use of the app.

Can I customize the app? The app allows you to give your event a name, add your own logo, change colors, and customize the app's features. Visitors can find your personalized app on Google Play and the App Store.

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