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Twee wilde feesten in samenwerking met Tactile

Skip the lines!
Discover a cashless festival

At a festival, we aim to provide visitors with a seamless experience. From quick access control to online top-ups, and reducing long lines at the bar for your favorite drink.


Tactile's various products are integrated to create the ultimate festival experience for both you as an organizer and the attendees.

No more waiting

Designed with the aim of reducing waiting times for your visitors. They no longer need to wait at the entrance control, stand in line for tokens, as they can top up anywhere, and experience super-fast payments at the bar.

Reduce costs

Our system is designed to require less staff to keep locations running. This results in significant cost savings and a smoother experience for both visitors and the organization.

Real-time insights

Stay informed about your financial situation in real-time and take immediate action if necessary. Additionally, you can accurately track the number of attendees and their locations for each event.

Eco-cup integration

The Tactile system is designed to seamlessly collaborate with eco-friendly cups, ensuring the process of intake and dispensing at the bar runs as smoothly as possible.

How does Cashless payment work?

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Bestel &

Ontvang je

Automatisch refund na event

“ Making decisions based on data rather than solely on intuition is beneficial. It often leads to significant cost savings in personnel and procurement of products. “

Rick Houweling


Twee foto's van Tactile festivals

Discover how Rick van Montopinto, with the assistance of Tactile, creates a spectacular festival for over 10,000 attendees during Purple.


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Our products, your festival




✓  Always online

✓  Automatic refund

✓  Top-up anywhere



  Fast entrance 

✓  Visitor insight

✓  Different visitors

✓  Custom design


Ticketing &

  Free for organisation

  Same day setup


  Registration for crew


Event insights

  SMS, Notificatie, Mail

  Real-time insights

  Many email templates

Festival Payment System

At Tactile, we understand that the key to a successful festival lies not only in the music and atmosphere but also in the efficiency of the transactions that take place. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to developing advanced payment systems specifically designed to optimize both your experience and that of the festival-goers. Our system enables you to handle payments smoothly, safely, and quickly, which is essential in the dynamic environment of a festival.

We ensure that your visitors can easily manage and monitor their expenses, while you as an organizer benefit from a streamlined entire payment process. Our technology significantly reduces waiting times at consumption points and enhances the overall experience of the festival-goers, giving them more time to enjoy the event.

Moreover, our systems provide access to detailed data analyses. These insights are indispensable for efficiently planning and executing your future events. At Tactile, we take pride in our ability to combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendliness, making us an essential partner for any festival organizer striving for innovation and efficiency.

Alternative for festival tokens

In the search for an efficient alternative to festival tokens, Tactile offers a revolutionary solution that transforms the festival experience. Our advanced payment system eliminates the need for physical tokens, resulting in a seamless, cashless payment environment.

This system allows visitors to make payments with just a few taps on their smartphones or RFID wristbands, enhancing security and significantly speeding up transactions.

For organizers, this approach provides a clear overview of cash flows and simplifies financial administration. Additionally, the use of our digital payment solution reduces queues at charging stations and points of sale, giving visitors more time to enjoy the festival.

With Tactile, you choose a modern, efficient, and user-friendly solution that is ready to replace traditional festival tokens.

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