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Get your event up and running in no time with Event Ticketing & Visitor Registration

Using Tactile ticketing or an external provider in combination with registration for a great start of your event.

Set up easy and effective forms with custom questionnaires, for both paid tickets or guest registration. Generate automatic groups based on your conditions.

Optimize Your Event with Tactile Ticketing & Registration

Make your event unforgettable with personalized tickets that offer a unique, customized experience

Flexible revenue payouts

With Tactile, you determine when and how ticket revenues are paid out. Whether it's daily, weekly, or according to another schedule, we adapt to your needs.

Free for the organizers

Enjoy the benefits at no extra cost, Tactile Ticketing & Registration is free for the organizer. However, transaction fees are charged to the visitor. For more details, refer to our pricing.

Quick setup

Set up your ticketing today. With an intuitive interface, your event will be operational in no time.

Integrated with Tactile's products

  • Cashless Payments: Simplify transactions and enhance the visitor experience, Read more ➔

  • Event App: Strengthen engagement and communication with your visitor, Read more ➔

  • Access Control: Manage event access and security, Read more ➔

  • CRM and Insights: Learn more about your visitors and optimize your even, Read more ➔

Quick registration for time-slots

Provide your attendees with the option to register for specific time slots, allowing you to control access in an organized manner.


Easily manage your VIP guests with the guest list functionality, granting special access to selected invitees.

Ticket connected to Tactile account

Each ticket is personalized and linked to your Tactile account. This ensures that your visitors enjoy an unforgettable, tailor-made experience that cannot be resold.

Ticketing for Any Type of Event

Whether your event is small and simple or large-scale and complex, Tactile Ticketing is ready to assist.

Smaller events

One type of visitor

If you have a straightforward event with one type of attendee, Tactile Ticketing provides a streamlined experience for you and your guests.

One location, one time

The ticketing system is designed to seamlessly operate for events at a single location and time.

Complex events

Diverse Visitor Categories

For events with various types of attendees, such as VIPs, crew members, and day visitors, Tactile Ticketing offers advanced capabilities for managing access levels.

Special Access Rights

Grant backstage access to crew members, offer glamping options, and allow day visitors to reserve separately—all within one integrated system.

Custom forms for a personalized experience

At Tactile, ticketing goes beyond just providing access. With our customizable forms, you can get to know your customers better, allowing you to optimize their event experience

In-Depth Customer Insights

Request specific information such as dietary preferences, interests, and more. Armed with this data, you are well-equipped to offer a unique experience.

Refine the Event Experience

Personalize the experience based on the information you gather. Whether it's customized menus or exclusive activities, every guest will feel special.

Efficient Communication

Utilize the data from the forms to establish targeted communication with different groups of participants. Send relevant updates and offers for better engagement.

Discover how Tactile's custom forms can contribute to an unforgettable event experience. Contact us for more information.

Online event ticketing 

Tactile offers an advanced online ticket sales system, ideal for a wide range of events. Our system is not only user-friendly but also provides seamless integration with other key aspects of event management, such as cashless payments and access control. This holistic approach ensures a streamlined experience for both organizers and attendees.


What sets Tactile apart is our attention to detail and our commitment to enhancing the visitor experience. Our ticket sales system makes purchasing and managing tickets simple and efficient, while our integrated event app and cashless payment systems improve interaction during the event. This leads to a more engaged and satisfied audience.


By choosing Tactile, you benefit from the latest innovations in ticketing systems. Our platform offers a flexible and reliable solution tailored to the unique demands of modern events. With Tactile, you're assured of a system that not only streamlines ticket sales but also contributes to an unforgettable event experience.

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