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Cashless payment system for events and festivals

Maximize transaction speed and minimize your organizational overhead with our Tactile cashless event payment system, an ultrafast payment experience that always works – making sure your visitors never run dry!

Tactile Mobile en vaste kassa

How does Cashless payment work?

Top-up your

gets connected


Order &

your drinks

Automatic refund after event

Choose your cashless payment system

Discover and compare which cashless payment system from Tactile best suits your event.

Cashless betaalsysteem voor festival

High speed register

Super fast, +6 transactions per minute

Hands-free, mounted at the bar

Ideal for busy locations like festival bars

Includes Tactile support team

Easy to use for inexperienced bar staff


Own internet and power


Group 742.png

Mobile register

Very smooth, +2 transactions per minute

Freedom of movement, suitable for mobile sales

For locations with fewer transactions, like food trucks

Deployable without support

Easy to use for inexperienced bar staff

Extremely vandal-proof

Own internet and power supply

Trusted by leading organizations

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10 reasons for Tactile's cashless payment at your next event

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Tactile Cashless

Prevent fraud

Prevent fraud and human error by minimising human handling

Feature not present
Feature present
Feature present

Automatic refund

With cashless your remaining balance will be refunded automatically

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Feature not relevant
Feature present

Track sales live of your event through our dashboard.

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Feature not present
Feature present


Never offline! Battery powered, independ internet connection and a offline modus

Feature present
Feature not present
Feature present


Reduce single use plastic by making use of eco-cups

Feature not present
Feature present
Feature present

Reduce staff costs

Integrate services and reduce staff costs

Feature not present
Feature not present
Feature present

Payment speeds

No more waiting for your drink at the bar

Feature not present
Feature not present
Feature present

Visitor experience

Impress with a seamless visitor experience

Feature not present
Feature not present
Feature present

All payment methods

Support all international payment methods

Feature not present
Feature not present
Feature present

Top-up anywhere

No balance? no stress, top-up your wallet any where at any time.

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Feature present
Feature present


Request a free demo and discover our product!"

Verschillende mensen op evenementen

“ Our event, we truly experienced the conveniences of the payment system, the service towards the participating food trucks, and lastly, the refunds of balances. “

Michael Contamine

Festival Zuiderburen

Discover the perfect cashless type for your event

Explore the differences between wristbands and cards below, and find the option that perfectly suits your event and attendees

Slimme betaalbandjes voor festivals


Personal (non transferable)

Automatic refund

Unable to lose

Custom design

Sustainable options






Anonymous (transferable)

Automatic refund

Easy to store in your wallet

Custom design 




Diverse crowd

With 24 payment methods, there is always one that perfectly suits every visitor

In a time where payments are faster and easier, supporting various payment methods is essential for a great event experience. At Tactile, we support a total of 24 payment methods.






Apple pay


V pay










Amazon pay










American Express


Google pay


Paysafe card










Ali pay




Diners Club



Eco cups voor op je evenement

Reduce single use plastics with Tactile

Starting July 1, 2023, new regulations regarding single-use plastics will take effect. To learn more about how to prepare and comply with these changes, please read our informative article or contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

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Super fast cashless payment system

At a festival, everything revolves around partying, not wasting precious time in queues. At Tactile, we understand that like no other! With our advanced Tactile cashless payment system for events, visitors to your event can quickly and contactlessly pay for everything.

No more hassle of searching for a coin sales point or dealing with cash. They can go directly to the bar to order a refreshing drink. This way, you not only increase revenue at your event or festival, but also ensure a happy and satisfied visitor! With Tactile, you hit two birds with one stone.


The best event experience with cashless payment

Prior to the event, visitors can easily create their account and add funds, ensuring they are ready to enter the event directly. With our cashless system, visitors can effortlessly make payments at any stand, bar, or merchandise point, without the hassle of physical coins or long queues.

Additionally, our integrated access controls ensure smooth and efficient entry to the event. By seamlessly connecting all these services, visitors can enjoy the event without worries, while the organization has an overview of all transactions and interactions.


Always online guarantee

By using cashless payments via wristbands, the risk of payment system failures at the bar is completely eliminated, ensuring events no longer miss out on revenue. The Tactile cashless payment system is resistant to power outages and internet disruptions.

If a power outage or internet interruption occurs, the system continues to function seamlessly. Visitors can continue to enjoy their favorite drinks and make purchases without any inconvenience, while you as the event organizer have the peace of mind that you won't lose any potential revenue


Sustainable eco-cup integration

Our cashless service places a strong emphasis on sustainability, as we eliminate the use of single-use plastic coins and streamline the process of collecting eco-cups. By bidding farewell to plastic coins and transitioning to a digital payment system using wristbands and cards,

we significantly reduce the amount of waste generated at our event. This not only simplifies the process for visitors but also enhances efficiency for the organization in collecting and processing the cups in an environmentally friendly manner.


Live Insights in Sales and Peak Loads

Get real-time insights into the revenue of your event! With our system, you can not only track transactions per bar in real-time but also monitor peak loads during performances and acts. This enables you to act quickly and manage your inventory accordingly.


Additionally, each vendor gets access to their own dashboard with the same functionalities, allowing them to track sales performance and trends. With this valuable information, you can optimize your operational decisions and provide a seamless and efficient experience.


Prevent Fraud and Human Mistakes

The fully digital system minimizes the risk of fraud, both by visitors and staff, as there are no physical coins in circulation. Additionally, the system reduces human interactions, thereby decreasing the chances of human errors and mistakes.

If a power outage or internet interruption occurs, the system continues to function seamlessly. Visitors can continue to enjoy their favorite drinks and make purchases without any inconvenience, while you as the event organizer have the peace of mind that you won't lose any potential revenue


Reduce your overhead and save on your staff

Our system is designed to require less staff to keep venues running smoothly. With everything being digital, there is minimal need for staff intervention. Additionally, the fast transaction speed contributes to efficiency,
allowing fewer staff members to assist more visitors. This results in significant cost savings and a smoother experience for both visitors and the organization.


Our event payment system supports over 40 payment services

We support over 40 payment services, catering to the needs of all types of visitors, young and old, both domestic and international. If needed, we also provide exchange points where you can convert cash into digital balance.

This way, we ensure a seamless and inclusive experience, allowing everyone to enjoy the event without having to worry about the right payment method.


Top-up your balance everywhere, anytime

We recommend visitors to preload funds onto their account prior to the event, ensuring a worry-free start. If you notice during the event that your balance is insufficient, you can easily add funds via the app, browser, or even share money with friends

Phone battery dead? No problem, as we also provide top-up points where you can always add funds to your account. This guarantees a hassle-free experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the event.


Automatic refund after the event

At Tactile, we place great value on honesty and transparency, both towards visitors and organizations. We understand that a common frustration is the leftover unused coins that visitors have paid for.

By automatically refunding this balance, it instills trust in the visitor. This trust not only fosters visitor engagement but also increases revenue for the organization.

Altijd online
Live inzicht
Voorkom fraude
Reduceer kosten
Overal opwaarderen
Automatische refund


What is cashless? "Cashless" refers to a payment method where transactions are conducted without the use of physical money, such as (festival) tokens or banknotes. Instead, cashless payments utilize digital technologies and electronic devices to process payments. By using festival tokens, event organizers can provide a more efficient and secure payment experience for attendees. With Tactile, visitors make payments by first loading money onto their account and then using their wristband or payment card to make purchases.

What types of cashless are there? Cashless payment systems are divided into two main types: "closed loop" and "open loop." In a "closed loop" system, an internal payment method is used that is only valid within a specific ecosystem, such as payments with a wristband at festivals. In contrast, an "open loop" system uses existing payment methods, such as bank cards and mobile payment applications, that can be used anywhere they are accepted. Tactile focuses on "closed loop" cashless payments optimized for speed and stability. This allows the system to continue operating during power and internet outages, which is not possible with an "open loop" system.

How do you make cashless payments? Before and during the event, visitors can top up their balance within the event ecosystem. This balance is used to pay for products at the event using a personal wristband or anonymous payment card.

How do I check my balance? At Tactile, transparency is a priority. After each payment, visitors see their new balance on the payment terminal. During registration, visitors receive a link to their personal balance page for viewing and topping up. If the balance is low, we also send a message with a direct link to top up. If the organization also uses the event app, visitors can check and replenish their balance there as well. This ensures a seamless and transparent payment experience.

What if my phone is dead, and I can't top up via my mobile? Tactile also provides unmanned charging points where visitors can top up their balance with their bank card. Additionally, manned charging points are an option, where cash top-ups can also be supported.

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