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Privacy Policy

Who are we

We are Tactile, a private company with limited liability registered as Tactile B.V. at Kinkerstraat 58D, 1053 DZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our platform provides a ticketing system, a (cashless) payment system, access control and other types of interactions at events and venues.

Why we collect and process personal data

The nature of the services we provide requires us to collect and process personal data. Your personal data is all data that is somehow relatable to you. This privacy policy explains what personal data we collect, why we collect that data and when we will erase that data. Furthermore this document discusses what security measures are taken to protect your data and with whom the personal data may be shared.

Depending on your relation with Tactile we may be either a processor of your personal data, a controller or both. The terms processor and controller are in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (European Regulation 2016/679), but we’ll explain what they mean for you below. For the following sections, we will make a distinction in the following relationships you can have with us:

  1. If you are a visitor of an event or venue that uses our platform, we will only act as a processor of your data. Our client, for example an event organiser, fully determines the reasons for collecting and types of personal data we collect. Therefore our client is the controller of your personal data collection.

  2. If you are a client of us, a (potential) employee or another type of a collaborative partner, we may also gather personal data of you for purposes of Tactile. In that case, we will act as a controller.

system, access control and other types of interactions at events and venues.

Reason for usage
Will be shared with organiser
May be shared with other visitors?
May be shared with third parties?
Retention Period
Aunt Bette's Homemade Pecan Pie
Rockin’ Rocky Road Ice Cream
Tom’s Heavenly Apple Strudel
Joe’s Divine Butter Tarts

What personal data we collect and why?

For visitors of events or venues that use our platform

If you are a visitor of an event or venue that uses the tactile platform, there are several data that we collect about you. What data we collect and process, for what reason, if we share it with others, and when we delete the data can be viewed in the following table:

Reason for gathering / usage
May be shared with third parties?
Retention Period

For clients and other collaborative partners

If you are a collaborative partner of us, such as a client, an ambassador or an employee, we will likely collect and process some personal data of you. What data we might collect, for what reason and how long we keep it is listed below:

What we do to protect your data

Tactile is a technology focused company and we try hard to keep up with advancements in cyber security to make sure that we are resilient to possible attacks that may be a risk for the protection of your personal data. Specifically, we take the following measures to enforce the protection of your data:

  • We will only send your data over secured connections;

  • data will be stored on secured servers that are only accessible through multi factor authorization;

  • direct communication with our servers are only possible via SSH;

  • Tactile domains are only accessible via HTTPS;

  • we collaborate with (former) students of the Master program System Engineering at the University of Amsterdam to prepare red teaming attacks to identify possible vulnerabilities of the Tactile platform.

Where we store your data

Most of our servers are located in Amsterdam. We will not store your personal data on servers outside of the European Union.


We try our best to make legal documents such as our privacy policy as readable as possible. However, the privacy matter is quite complex and we would understand if you still have questions after reading this document. If that is the case, please contact us via:

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