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Access Control that just works! Entering became fun & easy

Simplify and optimise your entry with our event access control system. The Tactile system allows for a fast and flexible access control for different areas with a simple scan of a wristband or (anonymous) card.


Keep track of visitors

Our platform allows you to check live visitor entries across multiple events and quickly access personal information where necessary, making event management effortless. (3).gif

Environmentally conscious

We offer a range of more eco-friendly products, from a re-use plan for your next event to a recycling plan or wirstbands made out of organic materials. (2).gif

Swift admission

Fast, Accurate, and Safe - Our scanners ensure the best access control experience.


Intuitive for staff

Our scanners are designed for intuitive use, and we offer additional instructions for your staff's benefit.

“ Connecting went much smoother than expected, so we didn't experience any congestion, and the flow was smooth “

Lobke Wilmink
Business Orientation Days

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Manage your events like a boss with Tactile CRM & Insights Dashboard

Increase your revenue by increasing your knowledge. Engage with your visitors and simply connect the data from your events. Learn more about your events and visitors through our dashboard.

All your data in one place

Easily connect different products and get an easy overview in our dashboard, so you can make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

Power of Communication

Inform your visitors quickly leading up to event. Through our dashboard it’s easy to deploy and keep track of all the events communication

Protected data

Don't compromise on data of your visitor. Our platform ensures the security personal information and the option to anonymise data over time.

Intuitive for staff

Unlock the power of your event's financial and visitor insights with our comprehensive dashboard.


Get your event up and running in no time with Ticketing & Registration

Using Tactile ticketing or an external provider in combination with registration for a great start of your event.

Set up easy and effective forms with custom questionnaires, for both paid tickets or guest registration. Generate automatic groups based on your conditions.

Same day setup

Why wait when you can launch your event today? Our same-day ticketing and registration setup makes it possible!"

Track sales

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed decision-making. Our platform's dashboard makes it easy to adjust your event strategy in real-time!"

Combination tickets

Looking to boost your ticket sales? Our dashboard lets you easily combine tickets for maximum revenue!"

Unlimited registration forms

Customise your registration forms to fit your needs and gather the data you need to create meaningful connections among your visitors.

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